The fall and rise of strategic planning – Henry Mintzberg

‘The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning’ by Henry Mintzberg – Harvard Business Review

When we started with strategic planning in the sixties it was the ‘one best way’ to come up with a strategy and to implement one, which would improve the competitive advantages of different departments. Nowadays, the opinions are divided.
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Global warming: Shell’s management and their contribution

Global warming and Shell’s part in the subject
Shell put green energy on the back burner for years. Now, it returns into the market.

 The end of the fossil era is in sight and that puts some pressure on oil and gas companies to think about a future without oil and/or gas. This also applies to Shell, which is in the oil production since the 19th century.
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Management NAM: Is it ethical justified to enject waste water in the Dutch surface to provide energy for households and the industry? An essay with our statement from our point of view

Natural gas is one of the most important sources of energy in the Netherlands. Most of the household and businesses use natural gas. The NAM is an innovative company which delivers energy to the society and industry. They do this by tracing, developing and producing oil and gas from the Dutch surface.
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The importance of reviewing your strategy: Nokia

Between 1984 and 2012 Nokia brought some legendary phones into the market. Nokia was one of the most popular brands in that time. The Nokia 3310 was a great success, with 125 billion sold phones and the Nokia 1100 sold even better: 250 billion phones.

When the smartphone made its big entrance into the market (>2012), Nokia was missing the point. They were not active on the market for two years. Also, Nokia has been taken over by Microsoft, so they lost their brand name.

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